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Frustration-free IT Solutions for Hampshire Business Owners

Join over 250 people who trust us with their IT, so you can focus on running your business.
Tired of struggling with IT issues? Let us take the frustration out of the equation so you can get back to what matters most - running your business! Our Romsey-based team offers comprehensive, hassle-free support to help keep things running smoothly.
"I now spend time running my business instead of time working out complex IT issues. Our partnership with Burton MSP gives us peace of mind that problems are solved quickly and effectively."
Stuart - Company Director, Swanmore

What's Your Industry?

What'll your industry benefit from, aside from exquisite service from us? Choose above...


You are in an industry that usually has reliance on legacy equipment (Windows 7, we're looking at you...) and this presents not just security risks, but can also present issues when looking at cyber insurance, updating equipment, or (worst case) your legacy machine decides to "retire" on the one day you have a large run to complete.

We're well used to dealing with the fragility that manufacturing can bring, and have successfully looked after businesses in your shoes (or industrial fabrications!). 

With Burton Technologies by your side, you'll be able to concentrate on growing your business and not worrying about your tech!


Accountants; with that one customer who uses that old software and won't upgrade! Have you told them that your cyber risk is increased with old programs and your IT provider has to keep trying to install updates and rolling back when something breaks?

Your industry has so many programs to maintain. We're sure you only have the latest (up to 3) version(s) of Sage, right? Nobody on v26 any longer? Yep, v29 is the current one!! But as we all know, someone will be a sticking point and rely on v23. Well, at Burton Technologies, we are well used to dealing with these situations, and have a robust system in place for updating not just Windows, but also your apps, like Digita (we LOVE LOVE LOVE Digita, honest...) and Sage Cloud/50.

With Burton Technologies by your side, you'll be able to concentrate on growing your business and not worrying about updates!


Commercial business are (in our experience) either cutting-edge or following the curve (at a distance). Either way, you need reliable, secure systems and generally have people on the road as well as in office/working from home. These all bring their own challenges!

Our systems allow your devices to stay secure and updated wherever they are. We can help you evolve your systems if they are slightly behind the times, or make sure your state-of-the-art systems are online and protected.

With Burton Technologies by your side, you'll be able to concentrate on growing your business and not worrying about all of your systems being at the same level of protection!


So, you think you don't fit our default profile? Well, that's most likely not the case! While the other industries have some specifics, this means that you are a free spirit, an untamed resource! With your business, anything goes. You could have bespoke software or a very special piece of equipment, or you may have gazillions of terabytes of data you need to ensure stays safe and intact! 

Of course, we can't pre-empt what you have and what problems you face, so your best bet is to hit one of the yellow buttons on this page and book a free, non-salesy chat with Mike, our man in the know (generally...).

With Burton Technologies by your side, you'll be able to concentrate on growing your business knowing that you've got all the backup you need.

Base Camp

You are here. You're possibly lost in the tech world, or your current provider is not guiding you through the technology landscape.

The good news is that we can definitely help guide you on your tech journey. All you need to do is arrange a quick discovery call where we can ask you some brief questions and listen to your issues and concerns. Nothing salesy, and all about you.

Book a free discovery call. Crampons not required.


You've taken the brave step of donning a harness. You're ready to talk about your tech issues and concerns.

Well, at this stage, it's all like a Sunday stroll. We will ask you some questions, listen to your concerns, and work out if we're a good fit for each other. It's important to have the right sherpa guiding you, and it's important for us that you have the desire to succeed with a new IT provider.

Book a free discovery call. No dizzy heights here.


Look at that view! You've decided to leave the cloud of previous IT providers behind and you're on the path to clarity!

We carry out a frustration-free onboarding. The whole process will take up to 100 days, but the liaising and handover with your previous provider wil be done in around 30 days. We will work hard to ensure you only pay the minimum required to your old IT provider for licences etc. Our guides will help you seamlessly transition from lost to found.

Book a free discovery call. Oxygen not required*
*Obviously air is needed; we'd prefer you weren't scuba-diving on the call.


You've come on board and we've started setting everything up.

This is where we start to do a deep dive into your technology. We will carry out a very thorough scan of your systems, go through our checklists and make sure there aren't any wee beasties lurking under a desk. By that we of course mean mini-switches. And Windows 7 PCs. and expired software. And Flash Player. And old Java versions. Yep, we'll need coffee...

Book a free discovery call. Harness optional.


You've onboarded. We've scanned, probed and prodded. We have a list. We've not checked it twice. Yet.

Once you are fully on board and we've got to know each other for a month or two, we sit down with you and make sure you're hsppy we are on the right path. Then begins our work of making sure you are planning for the future and that you have the tech tools behind you to drive business growth.

Book a discovery call. No pack-mules needed


We've onboarded you and we're working on a strategy for you. Now the ongoing support process is underway.

Every user, every Windows device, every server. We look after you and our first misison is to remove those annoying daily niggles you may have. This helps clear the way ahead. We are well above the clouds now and have a crystal clear view of your systems. 

Book a discovery call before Chris Bonnington gets here


You've done it! You've tamed your IT systems and you now have that clear way forward!

As part of our ongoing care, we employ may security measures to keep you safe on a daily basis. All your users are working efficiently on robust IT systems, and you have complete visibility over your IT plans, billing, contracts and everything else you need. We work closely with you to ensure ongoing harmony. Once you're settled, we expand out the technology roadmap to cover the next 3-5 years so there are no surprises.

Book a free discovery call. Or just yodel-eh-hee-hooo

Why Us?

At Burton Technologies, we have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry and are experts in navigating the technology landscape. But what sets us apart is our commitment to understanding your business inside and out. 

We work closely with our partners to learn how you work, what you need, and how we can provide a service that grows in line with your business goals. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs and designed to deliver maximum value for your investment. 

And while we may not be the cheapest option out there, we believe in providing great value that aligns with your business growth plans.
"Mike and the team understand the requirements of our team, the sometimes weird working hours, and work around this to ensure they are responsive to requests and issues arising in a timely and professional manner. Really pleased to be working with them."

Keeley - Accountant Managing Director, Winchester

Easy and frustration-free onboarding

Contact us today
Arrange a free discovery call with Mike today and discuss your issues.
Learning Phase
We will ask questions to start getting to know you and your requirements, and work out a plan for support solutions.
Painless Onboarding
We will bring our services online while liaising with your previous IT provider, and bring you onboard with no fuss or stress.
Full System Audit
During your first 90 days, we'll audit your systems and start on your IT roadmap to ensure your systems work for you.
Easy Support
Our robust systems will ensure smooth support at all times, and you'll always know where you are with your IT investment.

Worried about switching provider?

Switching IT providers can be a daunting prospect, and we understand if you have reservations. But at Burton Technologies, we're here to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

If you're thinking about making the switch, we're more than happy to have a chat with you – no obligation to buy anything, ever. 

We'll listen to your concerns and issues, and offer advice to help you make the right decision for your business. With us, you can be confident that you'll receive the support and guidance you need to make the transition with ease. 

So why not reach out for a chat? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ready to achieve IT nirvana?

We're here to listen and help you reach your technology goals. Our solutions are designed around your unique needs, with a focus on what will truly benefit your business. 

We'll work with you to create a technology roadmap that aligns with your objectives and helps you stay ahead of the game for the next 3-5 years. 

And don't worry about any pressure to buy – we're here to provide guidance, not sales pitches.
"Burton have the extensive knowledge, skills and expertise to address a wide range of challenges and IT issues. Most of all they have an approachable, friendly, straightforward, and pragmatic approach, capable of engaging and involving people throughout the whole organisation – really taking the time to understand their needs – in delivering cost effective, solid, reliable solutions which stand the test of time, and offer excellent value for money… Thoroughly recommended!"

Paul - Consultant IT Developer, Winchester

Working with you to drive your technology forwards

We understand that your IT needs may change quickly and unexpectedly. That's why we offer a flexible and customisable approach to our IT services, designed to solve your problems now and adapt to your changing needs. 

We work closely with you to understand your business goals and IT pain points, and develop tailored solutions that meet your needs and budget. And whether you prefer cloud-based or local servers, we have the expertise to ensure your systems are as secure as possible. 

So why not talk to us today and see how we can help solve your IT problems, without any obligation to buy?
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