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Complete cybersecurity service for your users and your business data
Proactive network and device monitoring to ensure your systems stay up and running
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Outsourced IT Support Desk in Hampshire

Seeking a responsive IT service desk provider?

Gain access to top-tier UK-based IT support via email, web, remote sessions, and on-site visits. Our team becomes an extension of your workforce, ensuring rapid issue resolution, regardless of your location.

How is data security ensured?

We employ cutting-edge machine-learning enhanced detection and response to shield your devices from viruses, ransomware, and more. Our proactive approach isolates any security threats, ensuring your network and data remain secure.
Advanced Antivirus, Detection and Response
Cyber awareness training and testing with our UK based platform

How can you empower our users to be cyber-aware?

Our cyber awareness training combines UK-based online learning, targeted training to ensure users get the right knowledge in the areas they need, phishing campaigns and dark web monitoring.
Our solution also enables you to ensure that users read and sign company policies which can be set to require re-signing when updates are released, or periodically, i.e. annually.

How do you enhance email security?

We enhance email security with our multi-layered filtering solution. We protect your inbox from spam, malware, and risky emails while granting you control over email communication within your business.
4 layers of security with our email filtering solution
Cloud email signatures for a unified presence for your business

Can you provide unified email signatures for our business?

Of course, and more! Elevate your brand identity with our cloud-managed email signature software. Ensure consistent email signatures across all platforms and gather valuable feedback with customer satisfaction ratings and engagement reports.

What data backup solutions do you offer?

We offer workstation and server backup and business continuity. Our cloud backup service provides 24/7 data protection. Enjoy multiple backups per day and flexible restore options for documents, folders, and entire devices. We also back up Microsoft 365 and Google GSuite data.
Cloud backup to UK datacentres, protecting your data 24/7
Enterprise-class password management solutions for your business

How can you help with password management?

Our encrypted, enterprise-class password management system ensures secure access across all devices. Transition smoothly when employees leave, without worrying about losing access to critical accounts.

Can you provide insights into network software usage and potential security risks?

Yes! Gain insight into software usage on your network and address potential security risks. Our reporting tool provides a comprehensive list of applications and usage data.
Find out what software is used on your network with our shadow IT reporting
Block PC and laptop threats

But can you prevent apps from running, or USB devices being used?

Absolutely! We can implement a "zero trust" model to your business, that only allows what you need on your network. It can restrict USB devices or even file types on a USB device. We can also prevent applications trying to act maliciously, like Outlook trying to run a system command to inject malware. This is avery flexible but very powerful tool in your business.

How do you offer proactive network management and support?

Our remote management solution offers proactive support, asset management, and controlled updates to prevent disruptions. Say goodbye to random reboots and unnecessary IT support calls.
Proactive, self-healing endpoint management and support
cloud based telephone systems no longer based on VOIP, but using secure web technology

What communication solutions do you offer for businesses?

Our cloud-based telephone system, powered by secure web technology, offers a reliable and feature-rich communication solution. Enjoy flexibility with desk phones, web browsers, or mobile apps.
We can also provide a Microsoft Teams phone solution for business.
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