Cybersecurity for Business

Securing Your Devices with Advanced Detection and Response

Your business deserves cutting-edge protection when it comes to your devices. At Burton Technologies, we've got you covered. With our advanced detection and response application, powered by machine learning, we ensure your devices stay shielded from a wide array of threats, including viruses and ransomware.

Your Shield Against Threats

Our intelligent agent acts swiftly to identify any security issues. If a threat is detected, it takes immediate action, isolating the affected device. Not only does this safeguard the compromised device, but it also takes a proactive approach, enabling other machines on your network to fortify their defences and protect your data.

Empowering Cyber Awareness

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, awareness is your strongest line of defence. Burton Technologies is dedicated to enhancing your cyber awareness and fortifying your team's knowledge.

Tailored UK-Based Online Learning

Our cyber awareness training is customised to cater to your specific needs. You can count on UK-based online learning, ensuring that the training content aligns perfectly with your region and industry. We believe in providing knowledge where it matters the most.

Phishing Campaigns and Dark Web Monitoring

We go the extra mile to prepare your team to face phishing attempts head-on. Our training includes simulations of real-world scenarios, equipping your team with the skills to recognise and thwart phishing attacks. Plus, our dark web monitoring keeps an ever-watchful eye on potential data breaches.

Policy Compliance Made Easy

Company policies are critical, but ensuring your team adheres to them can be a challenge. Our solution makes it simple. Users are prompted to read and sign company policies, which can be configured to require re-signing upon updates or at periodic intervals, such as annually. This guarantees that your team stays up to date with your policies and remains compliant.

Elevating Password Security

The strength of your passwords is paramount in the digital age. With Burton Technologies, you can take password security to the next level, all while ensuring convenience for your users.

Cross-Device Password Management

Convenience is key, but not at the expense of security. Our password management system works seamlessly across all user devices. It's fully encrypted, safeguarding your critical information. No more concerns about a compromised device compromising your security.

Seamless Transition of Access

What happens when an employee leaves? No need to fret. Our system simplifies the transition. You can effortlessly transfer their password list to their replacement, ensuring uninterrupted access. Plus, no passwords are ever truly deleted, providing peace of mind even in the face of data removal attempts.
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Enabling Passwordless Access

As firms like Microsoft and Google move towards passwordless logins, we are here to support any transition to this new, more secure authentication.

Security Keys for Access

Instead of remembering a password or 30, you only need to remember a PIN. Armed with a security key and a PIN, you are able to log in seamlessly on any device.

Versatile and Portable

It is always advisable to have two security keys in thge event of loss or damage. They do not need to be the same, so what we do at Burton is have one smaller static key for general use in PCs and laptops, and one attached to our lanyards which is also NFC-enabled, so it can be used via USB or tapping against a phone. Although we have not tested this, these keys can survive a washing cycle and harsh temperatures!

Shining a Light on Shadow IT

Do you know what's happening within your digital ecosystem? Shadow IT can pose risks to your data security. Burton Technologies offers a solution to keep you informed.

Comprehensive Application Reporting

Our reporting tool provides you with an extensive list of applications used within your business. Say goodbye to uncertainty; you'll know precisely which apps your team relies on to carry out their daily tasks.

Understanding App Usage

But it doesn't end there. Our reporting tool goes a step further by revealing how often and when these apps are used. Are there applications that are being used in ways you didn't anticipate? With us, you'll have the insights to make informed decisions.
Protecting your business from cyber threats is our priority. With our solutions, you're empowered to take control, gain awareness, and maintain the highest level of security for your devices, data, and company policies.

Your Cybersecurity. Your Peace of Mind.

At Burton Technologies, we're not just a provider; we're your partner in cybersecurity. We believe in equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and protection you need to thrive in today's digital landscape. Contact us today and let's fortify your cybersecurity, together.

Zero Trust security model

Taking threat-blocking to the next level - Zero Trust

Our not-so-secret weapon in the cybersecurity fight works on a zero-trust basis, effectively blocking everything and allowing what is needed.

It acts as a gatekeeper to prevent anything bad happening on your network and your devices. If you want to block USB devices, not a problem. But, what if you needed a specific USB device to be used in the Social Media team? No worries, we can allow a device based on its serial number and assign it to a group of people. 

But, want to stop documents being uploaded or downloaded? Sure! No problem, let's lock that USB device to allowing jpg and png only!

It's a very powerful, but hugely flexible solution to preventing a myriad of threats, from cyber to human, including insider threats.

  • Network Control
    Host based firewall that dynamically closes and opens ports only when required to stop rogue devices from access to your network.
  • Elevation Control
    Allow updates and other programs to run as a local admin without making users local admin.
  • Storage Control
    Full control over storage devices including USB, network shares, and local hard drives, including a full audit of document access.
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