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Taking away your IT stress

You have enough to do without worrying about IT. All businesses are different and have their own needs. We take time to understand what you need from us, and deliver a customer-focussed service that becomes a long-term trusted extension of your business.
Has your current provider been less than efficient during the pandemic? Have you had issues that remain unresolved, or repeat problems that disrupt your staff?
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Managed IT Services

Outsourced IT - Vital for Small & Medium Business

A majority of small and medium business can’t afford and/or don’t need an IT department. Having an in-house person (usually multi-roled) can lead to cyber security risks, missed updates and other issues due to time pressures.
Reduce downtime
Keep on top of cybersecurity
Ensure devices are up to date and fully monitored
Benefit from a wealth of experience
Allow your staff to concentrate on your business
No need to find holiday cover for IT person
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Case Study

Problem: We were called by a company that had frequent issues with their accounts server disconnecting when processing larger transactions.

Solution: We went in and had a look at the system. At first glance everything looked ok, then on closer inspection a small but crucial setting on the server settings had been left on a default. We made a small change and the system started behaving properly.

Project Management

Whether you have an in-house IT team or not, using an outsourced IT provider to project manage can bring many benefits to a business.

Firstly, it can save the business time and resources, as the provider will have the specialised knowledge and experience to manage the project efficiently and effectively. This can help ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget, while still meeting the required specifications. An outsourced provider can bring a fresh perspective to the project and may be able to identify areas for improvement from any original plans.

An outsourced provider can help mitigate risks, as they will have the expertise to anticipate and manage any potential issues that may arise during the project, and can help the business stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Lastly, outsourcing IT project management allows the business to focus on its core competencies, while the provider takes care of the IT project management. Overall, outsourcing IT project management to an experienced provider can help a business achieve its IT goals and stay competitive in today's digital landscape.

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Cybersecurity Consultation

With the ever-increasing certainty that a business will fall victim to a form of cyber-attack such as phishing, ransomware, hacking and more, it's becoming more important to ensure cybersecurity measures are at the forefront of a business IT strategy. At Burton we are able to help with this, from initial Cybersecurity Risk Assessments to implementing robust measures to protect your staff and your business and achieving the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. The threat to business grows each day and your trusted partner should be investing their expertise in your business to maintain high levels of protection. Did you know that in 2021 it took on average 8 hours for a hacker to crack a complex (upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters) 8-character password? In 2022, that reduced to 39 minutes...

The right fit for you

You need the IT package that’s right for you, provided by the IT company that’s right for you. This is the Burton difference; We provide you with the right set of services for your business to help you stay secure and productive.

We’ll sit down with you and listen to your needs and about your business. We’ll discover your pain points and growth plans. We’ll take the time to put you first and make sure that we are the right fit for each other. After all, it’s important that both of us work in the way that’s best for us, and that’s not always the case. We will then create a tailored proposal for you.
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Training Services

End user training is increasingly important. Previously, users may require training in your everyday systems such as accounting program, CRM and the like, but now everything is so geared around the Internet, training requirements have become more important and also require more ongoing forms.

We can ensure your staff are trained in cybersecurity awareness, from email scams and phishing to noticing discrepancies or errors on a website due to hacking or a slight mis-type in a website address.

  • Cyber awareness training
  • Ongoing refreshers and random phishing campaigns
  • Training on 3rd party apps from our trusted partners
  • single place of contact for your training requirements
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Is your current IT provider hampering you?

Are you getting the most from your IT provider? Cyber-security is vital today but so is productivity.
If your sales agent goes to a foreign country is their email blocked until you call to ask for the block to be lifted?
Do you have to tell your provider that you are experiencing a server or network outage?
Are you left waiting for your provider to give you an update to a case?
Is your provider leaving you in the dark about the latest threats and security issues?
Is your provider invested in your business plans?
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