Email Threat Protection

Protect Your Business and Your Microsoft 365 Investment

The Challenge

91% of cyber-attacks begin with email, making it the easiest way for hackers to gain access to an organisation.

Highly-sophisticated and targeted campaigns are widespread, with Ransomware, Phishing, and Social Engineering Scams among the most lucrative threat types utilised by cybercriminals.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses are Most Targeted

Due to ever increasing cybersecurity budgets, it is becoming more difficult and expensive for cybercriminals to successfully penetrate large corporations’ defences.

Instead, they focus on easy wins with small and medium businesses that have far fewer resources dedicated to preventing cybercrime. Protection against advanced email attacks is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

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Covid-related phishing
and malware attacks
each day.
£18 Billion
Total losses globally from Business Email
Compromise Scams
Of attacks on small
businesses are
financially motivated
The average cost of
downtime following a
ransomware attack.

The Intelligent Solution

Our Email security protects businesses against targeted email attacks,
reducing the risk of financial and data loss. It utilises powerful detection
features driven by machine learning with an intuitive end-user experience.
By securing the email perimeter, attacks are detected and blocked before
they reach the network – keeping organisations, employees, and data safe
from compromise.

Most Damaging Email Attacks

Business Email Compromise
Spear Phishing
Social Engineering
Payment Fraud

Key Benefits

Protects against the full spectrum of email based threats and spam
Compatible with Cloud | On-Prem | Hybrid email platforms
Quick and easy deployment - No hardware or software to install or maintain
Quick and easy deployment - No hardware or software to install or maintain
Simple admin and intuitive end-user experience


Financial Fraud Prevention

Analyses email containing payment requests, banking information and other financial content for signs of fraud and deception.

URL Protect

All links are subjected to scanning against real-time threat feeds for known and unknown malicious sites and fake login pages.

Dynamic Content Scanning

Next-gen spam filtering - Text and images in the message body are dynamically scanned for indicators of spam, nefarious intent, and evasive techniques.

4x Antivirus & Antimalware Engines

Multiple award-winning signature-based and heuristic-based scanning engines, detecting known and unknown types of malware, such as ransomware, botnets, and trojans.

Impersonation Detection

Inspects email content, language, tone, and cadence, combined with checks on the sender for matches and/or similarities with the recipient organisation visually and phonetically.

Attachment Sandboxing

Unknown and potentially malicious attachments are detonated virtually, protecting against never-before-seen, zero-hour threats like polymorphic malware and new variants of ransomware.

End-User Quarantine Digests

Quarantined emails can be released by end users (if permitted) with intuitive, easy-to-use, ultramodern quarantine digests.

DMARC, DKIM, SPF Verification

Inbound emails are subject to DMARC, DKIM, and SPF verification checks, which assist in authenticating the sender.

Email Spooling

If you experience downtime and your mail server is offline, we will queue your email until you are back online.

Predictive Threat Intelligence

We utilise a combination of Passive DNS Sensors, DeepRelationship Analysis, Neural Networks and other information sources to detect abnormalities and predict where future attacks are likely to originate.

Graymail Filtering

Blocks unsolicited marketing emails and no longer wanted newsletters, improving employee productivity.

Built in Microsoft Azure

For maximum reliability and scalability, our services are built in Microsoft Azure Datacenters, helping you to meet some of the highest data center requirements for compliance and redundancy.

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