Cloud Phone Systems

Your phone with you, wherever you are

With the option of desk phones, mobile and computer apps, this is our go-to choice. With powerful features you can set up a complex phone system at a very reasonable cost.

From a basic small business phone solutions up to large contact centres, this scalable solution will fit your needs every time.

Being fully cloud based, it doesn't matter where you are; we can provision and maintain your systems, including sending phones direct to you that will just work when you plug them in!

Desk Phone or mobile/computer app
Voice/Keypad Menus
Call Queues and Ring Groups
2000 UK minutes per user per month
Call Recording
Open Hours and Holiday Schedules
Desk Phone or mobile/computer app
International Calling (extra)
Contact Centres (extra)
Cloud telephone systems are robust, very fully featured and flexible. Whether you need one extension or thousands, the system scales and still has all the features out of the box.

Zero-touch provisioning

We can ship a brand new handset to you, or you can buy one yourself, and when you unpack it, the phone will be fully provisioned with the correct extension, dial lists etc.


We can set up a system down to extension level, so if your business hours are 8-5 in general, but the accounts department is only in from 9, we can set those hours for the accounts group, or even a single user in a team.

Softphone / Web / App

You don’t need a desk phone! You can have an app on your computer or mobile phone which has all the features as well as click to dial. We also have a web-based system for desktops and laptops.

Customised Displays out of the box

Unify your corporate branding across your devices, including your phone handsets.

With the ability to include colour backgrounds on your phones (on colour screens only obviously!) and having 3 screens of quick dial buttons, the handsets look good and have great functionality. The quick buttons can be configured to show busy status as well.

With the option of add-on button banks for call centres, receptions etc, the possibilities are endless!

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