Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Having a robust backup is ever more important with the increase in ransomware attacks, phishing campaigns and also remote working. Knowing your data is protected is a major pain reliever for business owners and IT admins. However, Backup is just the tip of the iceberg.

Plan your defence

Naturally, at Burton Technologies your data is backed up, be it local data, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, cloud or hosted servers. Coupled with disaster recovery to get your servers up and running quickly, we’ve covered your technical side.

But, a disaster can take many forms, so we work on a business continuity plan with you which will go into far greater details than backup alone.

Local and Remote Backup
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Local Backups

Local backups are the original style of backup. You have one or two hard drives that are rotated, and one stored safely, preferably offsite. These are secure as in they are purely physical in your hand, however...


  • Local
  • Cheap


  • Local
  • Manual swapping of drives
  • Need to remember to swap
  • Need to remember to take offsite
  • Can be stolen or damaged

Remote Backups

Remote backups are the next level of backup. You have either local plus cloud, or local plus copy to offsite, or purely offsite. These backups are separate from your network so less liable to corruption/loss/ransomware, however it's still never 100% certain.


  • Local option
  • Offsite storage
  • Can be protected and separated
  • Can expand storage for longer archiving


  • Not able to swap to offsite if your local systems go down
  • Can be complex if you have lots of servers

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery allows a cloud backup to be brought online so you can connect to your business data and keep working.  This is as robust as you can get if you have local servers and data.


  • Rapid reconnection to data and systems
  • Regular offsite backups
  • Good for local servers and applications


  • May take some time to bring online if systems are complex
  • Data has to be reverse-synchronised once local systems come back

Backup is vital for your business, even for cloud-based systems

Our cloud backup solution is proven. Once we have created the initial sync of your server(s), we spin them up in a test environment. The last one we did was up and running in 11 minutes from starting the process.
We carry out a simulated disaster recovery test annually for you.

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