Protect your business from cybercriminals with the world's most secure password manager.

Keeper protects your organisation's passwords with an ultra-secure and easy-to-use vault that your employees will love.
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A must-have product for your business security

Protects Your Organisation Against Ransomware Attacks

Keeper protects your organisation against ransomware attacks using robust administration, controls and visibility over strong password security and real-time dark web monitoring.

Enables Secure Sharing of Credentials and Secrets

Keeper allows IT Admins to enable secure, granular and controlled sharing of credentials, secrets and vaults among employees and teams.

Mitigates Risk of Data Breaches

Keeper creates random, high-strength passwords for all of your customers’ websites and applications and stores them in a secure vault on all of your customers’ employees’ devices.

Bolsters Security and Privacy

Each of your customers’ employees gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files and private data.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Saves your customers’ employees time, frustration and eliminates the need for them to reset, reuse and remember passwords.

Strengthens Compliance Standards

Supports role-based controls, delegated admin, 2FA, auditing, SIEM event reporting and your customers’ requirements for industry compliance with HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and more.

Best-in-class features that protect your  business

Private Vaults for Each User

Everyone gets a private vault to store and manage their passwords, files and private data across every type of device.

Password Generator

Keeper generates strong, unique passwords and automatically fills them into apps and websites for your employees.

Shared Folders, Subfolders and Passwords

Securely create, share and manage both individual records and encrypted folders across teams or individual users.

Secure file storage

Protects sensitive files, documents, photos and videos on unlimited devices.

Admin Console

Distributes, manages and monitors Keeper across the entire organisation and enforces password security, 2FA and other data security policies.

Role-Based Access

User permissions can be fully customised through fine-grained access controls based on the role and responsibilities of team members.

Version Control and Record History

Users can access a full history of their records, view previous versions, see what changed and recover records at any time.

Security Audit Score and Reporting

Keeper provides password security visibility with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

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