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Join over 250 users who trust us with their IT, so you can focus on running your business.
As a business owner, you have enough to handle without worrying about IT. Trust us to take care of the technical details, so you can focus on your manufacturing business. Partner with a local IT expert dedicated to your success & delivering a streamlined solution to your team.
"Recently switched over to Burton Technologies for our IT solutions, very professional company. Extremely quick response and solution to any problems that arise. Very highly recommend."

Barry - Manufacturing IT Admin, Fareham

Your partner in IT solutions

Working with you
for your success
Clarity with IT Support Contracts
Plain English, no tech speak
Technology Roadmap
We deliver exceptional value for money. You will get clear pricing from us so you know exactly what you will be paying (and what you will be paying FOR) and we include several elements as standard that other providers charge extra for.
Next-generation antivirus as standard on all packages
Remote monitoring of all Windows servers and workstations as standard
Dealing with your software and hardware providers on your behalf
Windows updates centrally managed
You want to know that your systems are looked after, and things are fixed when there's an issue. But you don't want technobabble or to be blinded with science. We keep everything we do to plain speak only, and won't provide pages and pages of meaningless reports and stats, just quality updates that actually mean something to you and your business.

Our engineers are all local, even the helpdesk team. Nothing is outsourced, so you get to know our team as much as we get to know you and yours.
We work with you to create a technology roadmap that sets out IT goals to work with your business growth plans over the next 3-5 years, making sure that your technology is always keeping in line with business needs. 

We will map out any hardware refreshes and make sure that everything is clearly outlined from (almost) day one. No surprises and no unforeseen expenses!
Changing IT Provider does not have to hurt
I had a chat with a friend today (26/02/2023). He told me that they had been unhappy with their old IT provider for over a year before they finally took the decision to go with another company. His exact words to his boss every time they wanted to change IT provider were:
 "I'd tread carefully. Better the devil you know."

It doesn't have to be like that. Moving IT provider may seem daunting, and the primary concerns seem to be:

  • Trust - How do I know I'm going to get better service if I move provider?
  • Inertia Loyalty - It's easier to stay where we are.

You need to trust any IT provider. Our top priority is serving our customer base with world-class quality. To that end, I would not expect you to take our word for it and sign up today. What I'd like to do is start building that trust with you right now. My approach is one of listening, not selling.

Give me 15-30 minutes to start building a trusted relationship:

  • No obligation to buy anything, ever.
  • We listen to you and don't just talk about us.
  • Free, honest, impartial advice, any time.
  • An IT partner that works with you for your benefit.
  • I can explain what is involved in moving provider.
Set up a call now; you have nothing to lose!

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Why our clients rate us 5 stars

Case Study

We had a client with two offices connected via VPN. The satellite office lost internet and the current IT provider was unable to get them online for a couple of weeks.

We implemented a 5G router that supported VPN in the interim and got the satellite office running until the internet provider fixed a fiber cable in the cabinet.

Helping your business remove IT headaches

Little daily issues become normal for users. They don't see them as important enough to report. Then, whenever there is a problem, they all combine to make the issue seem worse, and IT gets the blame! Well, that's one of the main areas we focus on in the early stages, to get those little issues cleared up.

Want to talk over your ongoing IT issues? There's no pressure to buy anything, ever.

Book a 30-minute chat now
It took Bob a moment to realise Jim had been kidding about their monitors not needing cables.

We don't leave our customers all at sea

"Mike and the team understand the requirements of our team, the sometimes weird working hours, and work around this to ensure they are responsive to requests and issues arising in a timely and professional manner. Really pleased to be working with them."

Keeley - Director, Winchester

Helping Managers and Owners Secure their Business

As a business owner or manager, you know that your employees and colleagues are a valuable asset to your company. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, they can also be a potential weak spot. That's why we take measures.

  • It's important to prioritise cyber awareness training for your team.
  • We offer ongoing training to keep your team vigilant and aware of potential threats.
  • We ensure that your devices are regularly updated and protected with the best security software available.

If you have any security concerns or have recently suffered a cyber attack, give us a call. We're happy to offer 15 minutes of our time to provide advice and help you get back on track.

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Why partner with us?

We use only locally based technicians and never outsource this valuable resource.
We develop a technology roadmap that works with your business growth plans over the next few years.
97% of our support tickets are resolved within 8 hours.
Our partners see a reduction in the number of support calls they make.
Our partners get true value from our services, not just IT support.
Our partners all report improved service levels and increased customer satisfaction.

Almost imperceptible migration from your previous IT provider

"As a business owner, engaging with an IT service company is a big decision; once made, you no longer spend frustrating hours trying to fix IT problems.

It is a huge decision to move to a new IT partner. Having moved all of our managed services over to Burton Technologies, I wish I had done so sooner. I find it refreshing not to be bombarded with sales but to be given sound advice with options and critical support when needed.

The solutions I have had from Burton in the last few months have given our older systems a full audit and integrated them with newer systems that have supercharged our business.
We recently performed a disaster recovery test on one of our critical servers with Burton. The results were spectacular, with a cloud-based server deployed from a backup and operational in under 15 minutes.
I would highly recommend this company.

Stuart - Manufacturing Director, Swanmore
My team and I are dedicated to providing excellent service and robust IT solutions for your business, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor and partner to all of our customers. I've been helping business owners for over 25 years, so you're in safe hands.

We know changing IT providers can seem daunting, but it can be very painless, and the benefits are plain to see. If you're left waiting for your current provider to complete tickets, or even respond to your requests, or if they are not invested in your business growth, maybe they aren't the right fit for you. 

I believe that a 15-30 minute call will be all it takes to help you see that we are all about no-pressure, non-salesy, plain-speak advice.

Are you unsure if our IT services are right for you? Let's put it to the test. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being worse than terrible and 10 being exceptional, how would you rate your current IT provider?

If you scored 8 or above, that's great news! We're glad to hear your current provider is meeting your expectations. But, if you scored 7 or below, it may be time to explore other options. That's where we come in. Let's schedule a chat to discuss how we can help you elevate your IT experience to a world-class level.

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