Helping local business with IT Support costs in 2023

With the cost-of-living crisis, Burton are doing something to help local businesses

We have regular meetings to review and strengthen our customer relationships.  We talk with our customers, the challenges they are facing and we fully recognise how tough times are right now.
The last few years have been particularly difficult for businesses to deal with. At Burton Technologies, we want to do our part to ensure that small businesses can deal with the difficulties of higher than ever energy costs, inflation and economic uncertainty.
From January 1st 2023 we will be offering the following packages to new and renewing customers:

2 months free support when taking out a 12 month contracted service agreement
4 months free support when taking out a 24 month contracted service agreement
6 months free support when taking out a 36 month contracted service agreement

This will help ensure small businesses can have the best of Burton Technologies support services throughout a very challenging period. We want our customers to have confidence and financial assistance into the new year and beyond.

We hope it goes some way to helping new and existing customers navigate these uncertain times.

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Terms of offer

As with any offer or contract, we do have some terms and conditions:

The offer is open to prospects and customers alike.

Within each year you sign up for, you will receive 2 months free support. We will aggregate your support costs across the year* to account for this.

The offer extends only to telephone, remote or onsite support service, and does not include any licencing/subscription agreements or project/consultancy work.

This offer may only be claimed once per customer.

To take advantage of our multi-year offer, you must sign a multi-year contract. You will not be able to add a year or two on mid-term to extend the free support.

You have 30 days in which to change your mind after signing. If you cancel, you will be charged normally for any licencing consumed in that first month.

If you sign a multi-year contract and wish to terminate early, you must give 90 days notice.

* We will discuss your terms with you when we create the contract

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